Transparent Stationary Tapes

Product Description

Magik-99 transparent tape is used for multiple purposes, such as general office use and gift wrapping where the tape will most likely be visible and aesthetics are key. Magik-99 Transparent Tape is durable, easy to cut and handle. It looks clear on the roll with a glossy finish and will stand out on wrapping paper. Magik-99 is used to help close, seal, fix, ship, mount, make and create.

Available In:

  • 12mm x 10yds
  • 12mm x 11yds
  • 12mm x 12yds
  • 12mm x 13yds
  • 12mm x 20yds
  • 12mm x 22yds
  • 12mm x 6yds
  • 12mm x 8yds


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