Charm Air Freshener

Product Description

To eliminate odor naturally in an instant, leaving an exquisite soothing and relaxing fragrance, Charm Freshener can be used in kitchens, toilets, cars, garbage bins and most household areas.

It neutralizes odor & leaves a lovely lingering smell that stays a while. It releases the freshness of nature into your home or office. Charm Air Fresheners eliminate odors to give a long lasting fragrance to brighten your home or your car and bring a welcoming touch in an instant in office, bathroom, reception room, restroom, smoking area or kitchen. Charm Air Fresheners have 8 delightful fragrances. Charm Air Fresheners spread long lasting fragrance that keeps ambiance fresh & comfortable.

Our range of air fresheners include

  • Charm Chocolate
  • Charm Cool Water
  • Charm Do It
  • Charm Real Havoc
  • Charm Sandalwood
  • Charm Jasmine
  • Charm Red Rose
  • Charm Bouquet
  • Charm Ocean Breeze
  • Charm Lavender
  • Charm Oudh
  • Charm Aseel

Available In:

  • 300 ml


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