Bamby Disposable Diapers

Product Description

These are Premium brand of Disposable Baby diapers. Bamby Diapers have double dry liner which keeps the wetness away from baby’s skin and reduces rash. Due to its re-fastenable adhesive tape Bamby diapers can be easily fastened and un-fastened many times. Bamby Diapers have a super absorbent core which transforms wetness into gel form and prevents flowing back and provides maximum dryness of baby at all times. It has easy tape panels which helps in sticking and refitting the tape on  the panel. Bamby diapers have Elastane fiber elastics which are free from allergens and irritants and fit better to prevent leakage to allow the baby freedom of movement. It has wetness indicator which fades away the printing on the diaper when it gets wet, signaling the time to change.

Bamby Disposable Diapers are available in Mega, Economy and Budget packs.

Available In:

  • L
  • M
  • S
  • XL


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